Lucky Star and anime and Uncategorized02 Feb 2010 08:47 am
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Hiii everyone at Animeblogger and everyone whose an anime fan/freak/geek. I took a break for more than a year there, but to be fair to myself, I had to leave because things were getting crazy at home, and I got reallllly/Hontoniii busy. So yourishte kodasai~/please forgive me.

 Recently I found a cute new blog named “All Truth No Lies” link(, I found it while searching for info on code blue, and this animeblogger turned up(Animeblogger I mean the girl is an anime blogger, she is not with with animeblogger, : ) . Her name is Mandugirl and she is rewatching Lucky Star so I thought its a pretty good Idea, so I am gona do that too. Anyway please support her blog.  

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